Thursday, April 2, 2009

93 year old driver gets just £3000 fine for killing a biker

Being a biker myself I do tend to get a little protective over them and I suppose I notice it a bit more when injustice is thrown their way. A court result published today does, however, top it all off.

A 93 year old man, Alfred Ross was fined just £3750 and banned from driving for 5 years for pulling out of a junction in his car, directly into the path of oncoming motorcyclist Jeffrey Bennett, killing him instantly at the scene.

It is plainly obvious that Ross is too old to drive but, the judge reckons that with five years of reflection on his driving ability, at the age of 98 he will be okay to drive again once his ban runs out? Why was this man not sent to prison? Why was he not banned for life? Sod his age, he has killed someone and the offence of causing death by careless driving allows for prison. Just how careless does one has to be at killing someone before you go to prison?

Has poor Jeffrey Bennett seen justice? The man was 65 and one day old, he had worked all of his life and enjoyed just one day of leisure in retirement. Ross has already sponged pension off the government for 33 years by living well past his sell by date, maybe it is pay back time and a few years in prison would be a better way to allow him to relfect his actions.

If you follow the news you will see, as I have a pattern when it comes to motorcyclists, if they are wronged on the road the perpetrator gets off lightly. If they infringe the law, they are hammered. Its great to live in the UK where we are all equal.

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