Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We all have bad days but this woman should have stayed at home

Having lived in Germany for the best part of my adult life I am aware of their love of safe driving - they have rules and regulations for literally everything to do with driving on the roads. Why do they have this? To avoid accidents thats why.

In view of this, imagine my surprise at reading of a German woman involved in three car accidents in less than an hour that left a total of seven vehicles damaged. Luckily for her, she suffered only slight injuries from the series of mishaps.

The 69-year-old woman from Berlin first crashed into three cars while trying to pull out of a supermarket car park on the Baltic resort island of Usedom. Then, she accidentally stepped on the accelerator and sped across a lawn before crashing into a nearby house, police said. She was taken to hospital in an ambulance but despite the odds against it, that vehicle was then hit by a truck.

"She was actually fortunate that no one was seriously hurt in any of the accidents," said Zinnowitz police spokesman Axel Falkenberg. "The accidents were a little bit like dominos toppling."

Maybe I will re-think my views on the standard of British drivers.

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