Thursday, April 9, 2009

US Government to be sued for supporting Bin Laden and the IRA

In 1991, President De Clerk of South Africa ended his country's system of Apartheid whereby blacks were separated in society from whites with different laws, rights and privileges. For those of you who cannot remember, when SA had apartheid, there was a UN ruling that the rest of the world was not to deal with the African nation in an endeavour to force the country to scrap its unfair system.

The majority of the world did ignore SA and refused to deal with it either politically or economically, however, there was a lot of behind the screens deals going on and many countries did operate with SA. Why did they do this? Well it was not because they agreed with apartheid or that they were racists themselves, it was the little matter that SA had an adundance of diamonds and other natural resources.

So it all ended 18 years ago, people have got on with their lives for nearly 2 decades, even Nelson Mandela the African Nationalist Party terrorist was legitimised as a politician and made it to 'Prez'. So what happens 18 years later?

US District Judge Shira Scheindlin in New York has allowed court actions against: IBM, Daimler, Ford, General Motors and Rheinmetall Group, the Swiss parent of an armaments maker. Aparently this is because these companies dealt with the SA government thereby allowing apartheid to continue.

The best explanation from the cuckoo judge is when he explains why IBM are on the list. They supplied computers to the SA Civil Service, therefore they knew their products were being used to help strip black South Africans of their rights. The judge disagreed with IBM's argument that it was not the company's place to tell clients how to use its products.

If this is the case, when are the 1000s of victims of Osama Bin Laden around the world going to be allowed to sue the US Government for supplying him with both training and arms prior to 9/11 and the 1000s of victims of the IRA given similar rights to sue to US government for recognising the IRA and offering support and financial assistance in their insurgence against the UK government?

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