Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hugh Jackman is a traitor to Australia!!

Actor Hugh Jackman, known as Wolverine to his friends has really dropped himself in it this time. We are talking career ending stuff here. The Ozzy star keeps a Twitter going to let his fans know what he is doing with his life. Not a bad idea and it is pretty good of Jackman to do so.  The problem is, the star put an entry on his Twitter saying, "Having lunch on the harbor across from the Opera Center. Loving life!"

Well, the PC police got him on that one, Jackman spelt 'Harbour' the American way and refered to the Sydney Opera House as 'the Opera Center'. Erm, so what?

1. What loser spends his/her day reading Jackman's twitter - sounds a bit like a stalker to me.
2. Who cares how he spells harbor - there you go I just spelt it wrong!!!
3.  The area around Sydney Opera House is referred to by locals as 'the Opera Centre'
4. With what is happening in the world, did this really need to be 'breaking headlines'?

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