Monday, April 6, 2009

Sack Claire Balding - how dare she state the obvious!!!

Liam Treadwell rode an excellent race last Saturday at the Grand National winning on his 100-1 horse Mon Mome. I am sure there were an awful lot of happy punters across the country who had placed a tenner on the horse just in case.

Race fans are now calling for the sacking of BBC presenter Claire Balding after she took the pi** out of Treadwell because of his horse like teeth. Apparently, during an interview with the jockey she told him to, “Give us a big grin to the camera,” and when he smiled but kept his mouth closed, she added: “No, no – let us see your teeth.”

When the shy jockey obeyed, Clare continued: “He hasn’t got the best teeth in the world but you can afford to go and get them done now if you like.” When asked afterwards if he was offended, Treadwell said that he took it in jest. "I wasn’t offended or annoyed. Clare apologised to me afterwards so there are no hard feelings there.”

His proud fiancĂ©e Emily Warner, 19, said: “I love him whatever Clare Balding says, especially now he has the £50,000 prize money to spend on shoes, clothes and jewellery for me".

You watch, the media hype will gear up and Claire Balding will be made to apologise for a comment that I am sure everyone in the UK was thinking anyway. Are people so soft nowadays that we can only say nice things to them and ignore the obvious? Personally, I think that with teeth like that he should have a nickname like 'Red Rum' or something but I won't say so just in case someone reading it is incensed and I am made to apologise on National Television.

UPDATE:  Yes I guessed right, the BBC has just apologised to the jockey for the 'insult' that he wasn't in the slightest bit worried about!!!

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  1. The perfect reposte for Liam should of been 'thanks claire for those kind words. i was rather hoping that by riding what you clearly think was the donkey of the field i would have fallen at Beeches Brook at had them all kicked out by a following horse. Thereby i would have had them fixed for free at some crummy NHS dentist. Instead i have won rather more money than you ever did and i can do a better job now with my teeth that you could do with your oversized rug munching backside'
    Just a suggestion!!!!!