Friday, April 10, 2009

Tony Blair is such a ponce

Tony Blair, the war mongering ex-Prime Minister of the UK left power in 2007, converted to Catholicism and then went all religious on us. Employed now as the Middle East Quartet envoy (whatever that is), he now has time to re-think the results of the war he helped to start.

He said: "I do not pass a single day in which I do not reflect on this and think of the responsibility. I think these decisions are the most difficult you ever take, and you cannot and should not take them incidentally because you believe that you have some religious conviction that's superior to anyone else."

Hopefully, in the not too distant future Blair will have all the time he needs whilst he sits in prison as a convicted war criminal with his cell mate, Georgie W Bush sat next to him, having led their countries to war by presenting lies and deceit to their people about the Iraqi regime.

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  1. Killed so many young hearts..If he truly believes in a faith he should repent and serve his judgement on Earth before he gets to the creator.