Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Abdullah - the 11 year old suicide bomber

There is talk in some quarters that the West is not winning the war in Afghanistan. Well, with the recent arrest of an 11 year old terrorist boy known only as Abdullah then it would tend to suggest that we are doing okay. Any organisation that would train and contemplate using such a young child as a suicide bomber has lost.

Little Abdullah was lucky amongst the children of Afghanistan as he had been taken in by a school in order to be educated. However, unlike 11 year old boys in the UK, this school didn't teach him geography, history, maths, etc, it taught him the koran, taught him how to strip and re-assemble the AK47 and pistols, and taught him how foreigners were coming to his land killing men, women and children.

Abdullah claims to be a normal child, 'I like playing football with my friends, listening to Take That and Amy Winehouse on my iPod and I like to watch the TV, especially Hollyoaks because of all the fit chics', he said with a wry grin. 'One day, if I do not blow up first, I want to be a taxi driver in London in one of those yellow cabs'.

The Taliban really need a good talking to. There have been child labour laws in existance for a long time which prohibit using children as young as 11 in employment of this nature. Okay, if they want to start some form of 'Taliban Cadet Force' they may get some form of sponsorship from various child charities but they would probably make them promise that they won't use the kids as suicide bombers until they are at least 16.

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