Monday, April 6, 2009

Brave German breaks endurance world record

Think of Germany and Germans and very little of an interesting nature will spring to mind. Granted, they drink beer, they eat potato salad, wear leather shorts (okay, okay that is a bit out of the ordinary outside a gay club) and they listen to terrible music.

So why does it surprise me that a local DJ Dominik Schollmayer (26) from Hit Radio Antenne in Hanover has made the news today by presenting a radio show for a whole 24 hours. I mean, so what. He managed to sit in a nice warm studio, play a new track every 4 - 5 minutes, occasionally spout some irrelevant rubbish and suddenly he is news.

Apparently a doctor was there in case he was needed and the DJ was allowed a 5 minute break every hour (a break from what exactly). It was reported that toward the end of the show he went quite mad through sleep deprivation - come on, it was only a 24 hour show, I've been on drinking sprees longer than that.


  1. Sorry, "No Longer..."!

    You are wrong. This German DJ has made it for 169 hours - more than a week.

    Greetings from Hanover, Germany!