Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Church of Spiritual Humanism

I know that I shouldn't go on the internet late at night when I am bored, I just find myself surfing rubbish web sites trying to find something interesting to read.

Well a site last night caught my eye and, despite the fact that I have made a promise to myself to ignore those sites after my money and offering me penis enlargements, super viagra boosted all night performance, hair growth etc, I fell foul of one last night.

With just a few easy keystrokes I became ordained as a member of the clergy of the The Church of Spiritual Humanism by R. A. Zorger, President of the church. That bit was free actually, all I had to do was fill in my details and hey presto, instant man of God. The best thing is that I can now put 'The Reverend' in front of my name.  Now that is cool.

Having done this, I really could not resist the offer of an ordination certificate (to hang in my toilet), blank wedding certificate (who can I marry? I know someone a bit hard up who is planning marrying his bird, I'll ask today if he wants my services), a wallet ordination ID card and information booklet, all for just $13.99 (via God's normal means of payment - Paypal!).

It is a shame that although I can now marry people, I cannot perform divorces, as well as helping myself, it would also have helped the vast majority of friends and acquaintences as it does seem to be the vogue thing to do at the moment.  I know none of this proves the world is going mad but it does tend to show that maybe I am. May God be with you my child :-)


  1. Congratulations, you're joining the 'mad world'

  2. Are you taking confessions???