Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RBS to cut 9000 jobs

RBS (the bank recently given a present of £20 billion of my taxes) is cutting 9000 jobs due to its poor performance. Although not very good news for any of the 9000 that find themselves looking for work, it has been pretty inevitable for the past few months that there would be job cuts.

Predictably, the unions have spoken out against the move, "Unite is appalled that thousands of people, who form the backbone of the RBS operations, are to be made redundant. These employees are totally blameless for the current position which RBS is in, yet they are paying for the mistakes at the top of the bank."

That's a bit of an arse statement and if they sat down for five minutes and thought about it they would probably realise this. Problem: bank is losing money Part of the answer: cut expenses where you can. Hence reduce workforce! What is the alternative? Carry on as you are going, lose more money, go bankrupt and everyone lose their jobs.

In reality, the job losses are over 2 years with only about half of them in the UK, this together with natural turnover, fewer agency staff and voluntary redundancies will reduce the figure of those actually losing jobs dramatically. I think maybe it is time that these so called unions woke up and smelt the roses, life isn't quite as peachy as it once was and the strength of the unions is forever gone. Comrades, why not try to work with employers and make life easier for all rather than just spouting off typical leftist rubbish?

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