Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foreign Animal Rapes and Kills British Woman

A Slovakian man, Marek Harcar (33) has been convicted of robbing, raping then killing Britsh woman Moira Jones (40) in a Glasgow park during May last year. This was not some date rape here, this was an animal attacking a decent woman going about her own business.

Moira had parked her car next to Queen's Park and was walking home when Harcar grabbed her then dragged her into the park where he brutally beat and raped her in a holly bush before draging her further into the park and murdering her. She was found the next day by a park worker having sustained 65 injuries.

This is yet another case in a string of violent sex attacks on British women by immigrants. What makes this one worse though is the fact that the Slovikian already had 13 previous convictions, 4 of which were for violence related offences.

Why was this man allowed into the UK? Once he was in why was he allowed to stay when he was committing such offences? Why does the government not deport these people as soon as it is obvious they are not prepared to live by our laws?

The result? An horrific and needless death to a young British woman. A minimum of 25 years high security prison charges whilst the animal lives in a British prison care of the British tax payer.

The UK government needs to sit down and have a good long look at its immigration policies. More people die a year in the UK at the hands of these foreign animals than they do of any Taliban or other Islamic terrorists on our soil. Priorities? No, they have got them all wrong, it is far more important to keep other EU countries happy that we are welcoming the scum of Europe into our once peaceful land.

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