Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It is good to dream Eggy

I have to confess that since the very first episode of the first series of the karaoke show 'X Factor' I have not bothered to watch it. To me it appears to be a show, made by complete tone deaf half wits for complete tone deaf half wits. You have to admit, you get better karaoke in the pub on a Friday night.

There was a funny story in the paper today, obviously drummed up by the X Factor publicity machine to appeal to the drongs that watch the karaoke show. Apparently there is a contestant called Eoghan Quigg. Is that a real name?? He is allegedly from a place called 'Derry' in Northern Ireland but I think that is made up. I lived in NI for nearly four years and never came across such a place. There is, however, a place called Londonderry, maybe that was a typo!! What a funny name Eoghan Quigg, it is an alien's name and, if you look at his photo above, I think you will agree, he may be an alien.

Well, apparently he 'kissed' the girl also in the photo, another karaoke contestant on the 'show' X Factor. That's it, that's the news. It is really interesting stuff, Eggy, or whatever his name is was quoted as saying, "I don't know how she felt. There was nothing for me there and there was never going to be anything. "I swear I don't fancy her. I did kiss her but I don't fancy her." I mean, look at the photo, he looks like a total inbred and she is quite cute for a kid, of course he wouldn't fancy her would he?!!?!

I think the real give-away line in the thrilling news piece was Eggy when he said, "We were together just after the show. But now I'm promoting the album, I can't see her."

So he has a new karaoke album out and this piece of no news is put out to promote it. Well done Eggy.

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