Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yet Another Maddie McCann Appeal

Madeline McCann was a little 4 year old girl who 'went missing' in a resort in Portugal two years ago. Channel 4 in the UK is going to run a reconstruction to see if it can jog people's memories.

All this is due to her parents constant plugging about Maddie, internet sites, world wide newspaper appeals, posters throughout Europe etc in order to try to find their child, or possibly to divert attention from themselves!!
The night Maddie allegedly 'went missing', the McCanns were out with friends getting drunk having left their children alone and unsupervised in their holiday apartment. Somehow neither the Portugese or UK authorities deemed it appropiate to charge either of these idiots with any child neglect offences.

Also, neither country has deemed it appropiate to arrest either of the moron McCanns despite their dodgy as hell cover stories for how the little girl 'went missing'. Personally, I think if we ever want to find Maddie, we have to look a little closer to home!!

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