Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't get addicted to a PS3 - it can be fatal!!

Have you ever tried the new PS3? It is actually quite good fun, good graphics and real excitment for about 5 minutes, then you get bored and go do something else. Not everyone though, some people find themselves addicted to these games and it can cause tensions between a couple.

Not many men go to the extreme lengths that 62 yr old Malcolm Parmer did last November when he got to his wits end with his PS3 addicted partner 46 year old Carol Cannom. Apparently she would ignore him constantly whilst playing games and stay up all night on the console. He eventually killed her, stabbing her 30 times in front of their 10 year old son.

He was sent down for life today with a recommendation of a minimum sentence of 14 years. Seems a bit stiff to me, I mean he had a point!

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