Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Line in Lingerie for Fat Chics

Did you know that over five million women in the UK are size 18+. How can such a small country as the UK sustain so many fat women? Well, however we do it, apparently somehow we do.

If it is not bad enough having so many overweight, sweaty, burger eating chics on such a small island, someone has come up with the bright idea of marketing lingerie for them. The question is, why? No matter how well you dress them up, they are still going to be obese so who the hell wants to see them half naked in some silk or satin creation?

Oola Lingerie has launched the line aiming at 'ravishing Rubenesque beauties' (AKA obese chics) with ample bouncing breasts'!!! Apparently it is designed to support and satisfy the needs of size 18 plus women with the underwear described as 'saucy, sexy, and seductive the lacey - and racy - pieces are the perfect treat for your perfectly formed pair'.

Someone pass me a bucket!!

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