Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sir Michael Parkinson dares tell truth about Jade Goody

Sir Michael Parkinson, the much loved talk show host has publicly stated that Jade Goody, the TV reality star's career is nothing to be proud of and he is getting bad press because of it.
Okay, she died and the UK gutter press went on a crusade to bombard us all with every intricate detail of her private life and her unfortunate fight against cancer. Even I fell foul of the Goody bandwagon and reported her death here back in the heady days of March this year (see 22nd March).

So what was Sir Michael getting at? What exactly was Goody famous for before she lost all of her hair and found out she was dying? Erm, well she sat in a house full of social outcasts and allowed herself to be filmed, she swore a lot, she was definitely the worst kind of chav one could imagine, she was incredibly overweight (and kept getting photographed in bikinis if my memory serves me right) and, in essence, stood for everything that was bad about modern day 'cerebrities'. Basically, she was famous for being famous.

Sir Michael, well done for stating the obvious, though I doubt you have made many friends amongst the half wit celebrity community and idiotic population we find in the UK nowadays.

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