Thursday, April 2, 2009

British Politicians - Best in the World they are!!!

Got a leaflet through my letter-box from some local Liar-bore party clown scratching around for a vote to get his nose in the trough, normally this would go straight into the recycling but I decided to read it. He a is 26 year old Politics graduate, his work experience to date has been a research assistant to 2 Liar-bore MPs in Westminster over the past 2 years. Prior to that he did some work for local Government (no doubt in some kind of equality & diversity role).

My questions are, 'What life experience does this man possess, what wealth has he created, what service has he carried out in the name of his country, what responsibility has he shouldered, where has he learned the lesson of his honest mistakes?'

Is this typical of the current class (or lack of it) of the political elite we are lumbered with? Just professional politicians who can argue blue is black all day long but who actually have no experience of the real world whatsoever. Maybe, just maybe this is why our once proud and strong country is no more and we now rank somewhere below Portugal in the 'places I want to live' list.

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