Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great news for smokers - bad news for red meat eaters

It is not too often that smokers like me get good news but now we have it. People who eat the most red meat and the most processed meat have the highest overall risk of death from all causes, including heart disease and cancer, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

Even when other factors were accounted for -- eating fresh fruits and vegetables, smoking, exercise, obesity -- the heaviest meat-eaters were more likely to die over the next 10 years than the people who ate the least amount of meat.

Due to media hype and pressure from nutter groups such as ASH, smoking is being classed as anti-social nowadays, it is heavily taxed in order to pay for supposed extra health care later in a smokers life, advertising is banned, you must be a certain age to buy tobacco products, you cannot smoke in public places and any product you buy has large public health warnings and even photographs of dying people on them.

My question is, when will red meat be treated the same? Age restrictions on buying or eating it, ban advertising such as McDonalds, stop people eating it in public places, put large health warnings on any red meat products and photographs of really fat, unhealthy people on the packaging. And of course, tax the red meat eaters like cigarette smokers are taxed.

When? Never thats when as it is not a vote winner and the wierdo vegetarian groups have no public support nor can they help win votes in elections.

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