Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sack the beard

Apparently there is a show on the BBC called the Apprentice where someone I have never heard of called Sir Alan Sugar (got to admit that is a strange name) picks from a cast of various people which one will work for his firm. I am presuming his firm is quite good as lots of people seem to want to work for him.

Well there was a cock up yesterday when someone at the BBC inadvertently leaked online that a contestant called Majid Nagra (I had presumed that the show was for English people only, apparently not) had been sacked from the show but did so before it was aired officially on television. Apparently this ruined the show for the viewers.

What's it all about then, who really cares? Its television for Gods sack, its what the BBC wastes our annual TV Licence on. If this upsets people then I think they need to grow up. Why was he sacked? Well, even without watching the show I think by looking at the loser's photograph you will be able to guess. If by chance you cannot - the keywords are 'ridiculous' and 'beard'.

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